Felted silk scarf.jpg

Camarot Studio

Master Felt Artist - Nuno Felting

Each abstract is a felted fusion of many silks and ultra fine merino wool. This felting process, known as Nuno Felting, is the arduous process of working the wool fibers through the weave of the silks. This migration of the wool through the silks creates a web that "glues" the different silks together to form a new light fabric with brilliant colors. Silks included are recycled silk, sarees from India, hand dyed silk gauze, and hand dyed in my studio. Other embellishments may include bamboo threads, tussah silk threads, Angelina fibers, and raw silk straight from the cocoon. Integrating all of the above creates luminous color combinations and textures that are combined into abstracts, making each piece one of a kind on many levels!


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